Bookwyrms & catdragons

a D&D 5e podcast

About us
Kelly: DM
David: DM
Betty: Cassandra Ariti
Cecil: Jean Baptiste Belizaire
Kaleb: James Reed
Logan: Demetrius Opados
Nick: Alexander Rowan
Rosie: resident catdragon

our current campaign, arcadia academy, is: heavy magic, heavy homebrew, heavy rp, modern day.

content warnings: The Arcadia Academy campaign is rated PG-13 for language, sexual references, references to suicide / self-harm, and descriptions of blood and violence. Please listen at your own discretion.

Remember: great magic requires sacrifice.

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new episodes uploaded on sundays at 12pm EST

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Contact us

Discord invite: EmQKkGG
Twitter: @bkwyrmcatdragon
Twitch: bookwyrmsandcatdragons
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for Bookwyrms & Catdragons by Jade Carabolante.
The maps used for Arcadia Academy were created by David.
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